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20Apr, 2015
Run Geek Radio

Run Geek Radio

Last week was the official launch of my own podcast named “Run Geek Radio”, which can be found at, so please go check it out.

The idea behind the podcast is to bring together two things I love to do…programming, and running. It only makes sense that I would want to share in both areas, and a podcast is a great way to do that. With the resurgence of podcasts lately I felt a little bit of peer pressure to attempt my own, and so far I have received wonderful reviews from PHP developers who also run, or runners who are also programmers.

Not only did I create a blog to host the podcast, but it is also available on iTunes at or you can simply go to the Subscribe page on the site and subscribe there using one of the methods provided.

I look forward to hearing your feedback. Thank you.

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17Jan, 2015

It’s been a very long time since I’ve been social in relation to my running.  No, I have not been blogging.  No, I have not been tweeting…much.  No, I have not been posting to my CrazyFloridian page on Facebook.  However, I never stopped running.  I simply didn’t have the time or desire to share as much as I have in the past.

All this being said, we are now into the year 2015.  It is a shiny new year, and I have made a shiny new commitment to run 2,015 miles in 2015.  This will end the past two years of maintenance running.  Here are the numbers from the past 6 years of running:

  • 2009 = 750 miles
  • 2010 = 1,701 miles
  • 2011 = 2,150 miles
  • 2012 = 1,208 miles
  • 2013 = 823 miles
  • 2014 = 859 miles

I know, right!  The past 2 years have not been very impressive.  In fact they sucked BIG time.  There are many reasons why the miles have dropped.  New job requiring a bunch (about half the year) of travel, busy building my reputation in professional communities, and more time demands by family.  Although I still ran more than most people, it was pretty terrible for an ultra-runner.  So 2015 is the year I will fix that.

I’m writing this post after being down one week due to sickness and a knee injury from skiing in Colorado while celebrating the new year, but am now forging ahead.  I’m actively back running, and will start ramping up my miles at a sane 10% per week.

Thank you for stopping by, and please feel free to chime in and we can do this together.

Adam closing

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12May, 2014

Today after the morning run I was walking a bit during my cool-down and noticed a little girl walking a step at a time down a pretty high staircase from her apartment.  She was a tiny thing, and probably only about 3 years old.  One hand was holding the railing and the other was holding onto her mother, who was coaxing her with words of encouragement.  “Come on,” she said, “you can do it!  Your such a big girl!”  And the little girl, listening to her mother, realized she was capable of this accomplishment as she finished the staircase one step at a time.  Then upon reaching the bottom she had a BIG smile on her face, and wanted to walk back up to feel the triumph again.

I’m often speaking with others, and receive many questions about my running.  How much do you run?  Why do you run?  What’s the longest you’ve run?  And then they say, “Oh, I could never do that.”

I guess we can all use a reasuring hand to do things we think we can’t do.  So, I’ve got your back.  Come’on, you can do it!  Your such a big girl/boy!  I know you can do whatever you put your mind to.  Let’s get started!  You don’t need to run fast, or long, or very often.  Just ease into it.  Run slow and easy.  You’ve got this!

By the way, it doesn’t have to be running.  This bit of advice can be applied to just about anything.

Adam closing

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5May, 2013


Runing a couple thousand miles each year gave me plenty of time to experiment with many inconveniences, and try to figure out a better ways to do things.  I have developed some habits based on these results that may help others, and one of those findings is how to keep our beloved running clothes from becoming rank smelling over time.  There were many times when I would put on a “clean” outfit (shorts and shirt) and head out for a run, and the clothes smelled as soon as my body heat hit the fiber.  Or worse, my entire drawer of running apparel caused my entire dresser to stink like I just returned from a run.  (NOTE: Yes, we all stink after a good hard run.  No matter how good we might look.) Running clothes stink more and more over time.

Running clothes are not cheap, and the longer we can make them last the better off our wallets will be…right?

What doesn’t work

Or course, there are special detergents these days claiming to clean these tech fiber garments better.  There are also others who say to stick running gear into the washer immediately after exercise.  I have also heard some claim that buying higher quality, expensive, garments makes a difference.  Another claim is to hang the gear after washing it in the washer, instead of drying in the dryer. (This last one is great, but only if they were washed in the machine AFTER using my technique below.)  However, I have found these techniques and products don’t really live up to their claim, and have thrown away many shirts and shorts to prove they do not really work best.

What does work

This is so simple, and makes so much sense, you may be reluctant to believe it works better than above.  When I return from a run, and finishing my cool down and stretching (about 20 minutes), I immediately strip down and throw my running gear into the sink where I thoroughly rinse them with plain luke warm tap water.  It is important to do this before your sweat carried within the fabric dries, if you can.  Even on days where I am at a race or something and cannot rinse them I still follow the sequence when I return home, or to my hotel room.

I do this by letting the fibers absorb as much as they can, then squeeze it all out, and repeat about 3 or 4 times.  After squeezing the water out as much as I can the final time I then hang the clothing in the shower and let it drip dry.  THIS IS IMPORTANT!  Let them hang there until completely dry.  This allows the remaining smelly bacteria to be killed by drying, and also by the anti-bacterial capabilities of some tech fibers.

Then, after the running garments are thoroughly dry we can safely place them in the dirty clothes basket or hamper until ready to wash them in the machine.

Start early

This tip will not really work if your running gear is already stinky.  I have not found a way to roll back the hands of time and remove the body odor from running clothes.  So make sure to start handling your running clothes the right way from the start.

I hope you find this tip helpful.  Enjoy better smelling runs. :)

Adam closing

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15Mar, 2013

It is hard to believe how time can get away from us when we are…living. Or course I’m not able to break down everything I’ve been doing, but I can summarize why this blog has gotten a bit dusty. I have been dedicated to growing my professional life this past year, and decided it was time wisely spent.

Over the past year I have focused great attention to organizing SoFloPHP (South Florida PHP User Group), and it has experienced tremendous growth. The group is now around 385 members and meets a few times each month.  It’s also great to see other members now starting to speak at the events, which means I have more time to do other things rather than preparing talks and managing it fully.

For the last 5 months I also organized the 1st SunshinePHP Developer Conference in Miami.  It was a great journey to prepare such a large event with speakers and attendees coming from around the world to speak about, and learn PHP.  I experienced a great deal, and will now be able to help out annually to ensure it continues to grow and thrive.

No, I have not stopped running, and as a matter of fact I’ve still been maintaining around 30 miles each week and staying in shape.  However, I have just not updated the Crazy Floridian social network as much as I used to.  I hope to do better about it moving forward, but will do it in moderation now that I have a new job as well.

On the running front, I do have some ideas of things to plan for the future.  I would really like to focus on some pretty BIG goals I’ve wanted to achieve for awhile. (Somewhat extreme.)

Stay tuned!

Adam closing

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