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Global Warming, My Ass! 6.66 Mile Run Virtual Race Report

Race report for the “Global Warming, My Ass!* 6.66 Mile Run” virtual race. Enjoy!


Today Saturday, March 6th, 2010 was a beautiful day for a virtual race.  (See Razz’s blog for details.) Here in Boynton Beach, FL the tempurature at 9:43 AM was a balmy 57 degrees as the sun was shining brightly in clear blue skies for as far as the eye could see.  As the runner (me, Adam Culp) lined up at the starting line there was a slight 15 mph wind coming from the WNW.  The course is a very simple square around the neighborhood:

As the start button on the timer is pressed the race began without fanfare or cheering crowds.  With all of the excitement I started out a little faster than I intended, and was forced to recalculate after the first mile.  I was running much better than I thought I could, and quickly realized I felt pretty damn good, so continued at the same neck-breaking pace. (Well, it was fast for me since my previous marathon pace was 8:45.  Or was supposed to be.)

As I continued to run I realized that this pace was my goal marathon pace for next July, so this was a good test run so I could feel what it was like. (And painfully highlight the training I need to maintain it.)  As I passed 3 miles I was getting tired, but at the same time exhilarated as my strength seemed to come from deep inside.  This used to be my 5K race pace a year ago, and I could visualize myself keeping it up for double that distance.  WHOOOAAAAH!

Approaching mile 5 I was starting to have doubts I could maintain the speed.  After all it was only 3 weeks since my last 50 mile ultra, and 5 weeks since my last marathon in Miami.  Who do I think I am to be able to maintain this speed so soon?  But I kept driving forward and was thankful that while I was getting tired, there were no pains.  I realized that I could make it if I kept pushing.

As I came up on 6 miles I realized that I needed my “secret word“.   I was out of juice and with only .66 miles left to go I could not give up now.  “Endurance…endurance…endurance”, I chanted with each breath and I felt the adrenaline rush associated with the word.  Mentally my mind pushed my body the little bit further to finish strongly.  I now have a new PR  of 52:04 for the 6.66 mile distance. (Yeah, I know.  It is my first time racing that distance, but that is what makes it a PR.)

TOTAL RACE RESULT: 6.66 miles with a final time of 52:04 at 7:49/mi pace, Avg HR 167, kCal 919.

mile 1 = 7:45
mile 2 = 7:54
mile 3 = 7:55
mile 4 = 7:59
mile 5 = 7:52
mile 6 = 7:39
mile .66 = 4:56


9 replies on “Global Warming, My Ass! 6.66 Mile Run Virtual Race Report”

Well done! That’s easily a sub 50 10K pace. That was my goal last fall, no idea what I can do now. I might have to take this as a kick in the rear end to do one on my own. 🙁 Just won’t have any pony tails to chase 🙁

Man, Adam, where’d you pull that last speedy mile out of? That’s aweome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You deserve a medal AND the goodie bag! I’m not sure where I’m going to fit in this virtual race and I’m pretty certain I will suck since my lungs still hurt on speed work….last year I ran a 7:45 avg pace 10K….this will be about 8:45 :(. Anyway, you ran great!! You are definitely getting faster!!! 🙂

Oh good lord, if I’m going to brag about my last year’s 10K time, I should write in the correct pace…. um, that was a 47:30 so a 7:38 pace. There, I feel better now. Hahah. 🙂

Hi Adam,
Awesome job on your virtual!! Oh the joy of a PR!! Go you….way to kick it into the fast gear:) I agree with Jill….Give this man a medal!!

Hey, Adam!

Nice job on the Global Ass My Warming Race.
Can’t believe I didn’t think to add the 6.66 distance to my blog and post the new PR myself!

I’m enjoying catching up with you via your blog:)

Nice work!! You got first! Scooore

It is crazy exciting that you’re cranking away at your old 5K pace. That is the true sign of getting WAY faster. Awesome.

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