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Week 10, 2010 training totals

Week 10, 2010 training totals

Wow, what a week.  It went by so fast, kinda like my pace recently.  I am really a little confused with my new found speedy pace where I am averaging 8:30’s, and it still feels slow.  No, I can’t really go faster for any length of time, but there are times I caught myself at 8:teens and forced myself to slow down.  I always seemed to end up back at 830’ish though.  Finally for my Saturday and Sunday runs I finally just let myself go and stopped looking at the Garmin altogether.  While it was nice and I actually relaxed and enjoyed the runs much more, it was funny that I still ended both runs with an AVG 8:33 pace.

training_summaryRunning Miles: 28.65
Quantity: 5 (see runs below)
Time spent running this week: 04:05:51
Calories burned: 3,925
Avg. Time/Mile: 8:33
Avg. Heart Rate: 153
2010 Running Miles: 303.55


4mi at 8:49 (151 hr)
5mi at 8:39 (154 hr)
3.65mi Tempo (Splits- 10min at 8:37|144hr, 10min at 7:33|165hr, 10min at 8:34|160hr)
Sat: 5mi at 8:33 (159 hr)
Sun: 11mi at 8:33 (149 hr)

signature_blockCross Training

Weight Training QTY: 0
Judo QTY: 1

9 replies on “Week 10, 2010 training totals”

Nice week. Enjoy your new adjusted pace! Do you have any races coming up in the new future? Can’t wait to see how your recent improvement translates.

How long have you been practicing judo? I know that you said that you had been doing it before you became a runner, but I don’t remember if you said how long you had been practicing. It seems like a great cross training session!

Hi Adam,
Wow, you had a great week:) Nice job on your miles and your new speedy pace!! Woo hoo, that means you are getting faster and stronger! Keep it up and have a wonderful week:)

Nice week, Adam. It looks like your fitness (i.e. speed) has bumped up to a new level. I would continuee mixing the slower paces (slower than 8:30’s) and faster paces with your new comfortable pace. Keep up the great work!

That is really cool! You’re totally getting faster and you don’t know what to do with the speed! Run what feels good – if that is faster I say go with it. Your body will tell you when it has had enough.

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