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Mid-week runs getting longer, need some sleep.

With my mid-week runs getting longer it is clear that I need to think more about recovery, so that I can function at work.

Today was my first mid-week run longer than 6 miles.  Prior to today I have been running 3, 4, 5, and 6 milers with no problem.  However the 7 mile run that I did today was a bit of a shock to me.  I did not anticipate that it would drain me as much as it did.  I was OK immediately following the run, but once I arrived at work I found myself very hungry.  I walked downstairs for a steak, egg, and cheese sandwich.   It tasted so good, but I was not easily satisfied and had to eat most of my supplies that I keep in my drawer to ward off hunger.

Around lunch time I was completely drained, and really needed a nap.  I felt similar to my post long runs on Saturdays.  It is clear that I will need to handle this somehow in the future so that I can continue with my training and still function at work afterwards.  Perhaps I will need to run at night, or maybe take a short nap after my run prior to going to work.  I will let you know.

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