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Week 19 to 27, 2011 training summary

Week 19 to 27, 2011 training summary

Rather than bore everyone, including myself, with 9 weeks of very little training I have decided to consolidate the past 9 weeks into one post to catch up.  On a positive note I did end the first half of the year ahead of my goal with 1,066.16 miles, and if I stay healthy should be able to finish out my “2011 in 2011” goal. The groin and hip flexor injury I have been nursing for the past 9 weeks slowed me down a bit (especially in wk 22 through 24), but I still managed to put in some easy miles during the recovery.

Now that I am recovered from the injury I am thinking full speed ahead, and ready to decide on some event in the fall to train for.  Then I will put down a solid training plan to get me there.

training_summaryRunning Miles:
Wk 19 – 36
Wk 20 – 33.5
Wk 21 – 30.5
Wk 22 – 0
Wk 23 – 7.5
Wk 24 – 10
Wk 25 – 25
Wk 26 – 24
Wk 27 – 31
2011 Running Miles: 1,110.66


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