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Week 01, 2010 totals

Week 01, 2010 totals

training_summaryRunning Miles: 43.0
Time spent running this week: 06:31:44
Calories burned: 5,953
Avg. Time/Mile: 9:08
Avg. Heart Rate: 142
2010 Running Miles: 62

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Hum, I used last week as “week 1” with a few extra days added before week 1. I know that probably make no sense but when I counted 52 weeks, that’s what I came up with. We’re going to be off now :(. Should I change mine?

Thanks for the nice comment on your other blog :). I’ll comment on that tomorrow when I can read more of it. Gotta get to bed now. Miserable day!!!! I ran .5 miles and had to bag my 8 mile run. Now I’m in a panic trying to squeeze it in so will run in the morning some and then again in the evening. Nothing like 2-a-days! Nice mileage!!!

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