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Week 02, 2010 totals

Week 02, 2010 totals

training_summaryRunning Miles: 40
Time spent running this week: 06:00:44
Calories burned: 5,457
Avg. Time/Mile: 8:31
Avg. Heart Rate: 152
2010 Running Miles: 102

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Hi Adam,
Thanks for the comment on my “white” blog. Yes, time for change…it was becoming WAY too messy! Somehow, though, I need some pink in it or it wouldn’t be me :).

Nice mileage this week. Time to put the breaks on and taper taper taper! The worse part of marathon training, I always feel. Eat smart, rest tons, and run well. I know you are going to rock this time out the door; you are getting incredibly fast!

Happy Sunday!

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