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Week 11, 2010 training totals

Week 11, 2010 training totals

This past week was amazing in terms of how I felt, as my overall conditioning is really mind boggling to me.  I believe my body is in the final stages of recovery from the races I did in February. (Miami Marathon followed by the 50 mile ultra in mid-month)  I have not had any pains, and have found many of the runs this week felt slow even though the pace was fine.  (Except for Saturday which was an 7:57 pace, but was supposed to be an 8:15 marathon pace.)

It seems strange that in October 2009 my half-marathon pace (8:45) really made me stretch when I ran the Halloween Half, but now it seems kinda slow on my workout runs. (Not to mention that my HR is now 10-15 BPM slower than October at that pace.)  It would be fun to get into a half-marathon sometime soon to see where I really am.  Sure, I could run a “pretend” race, but that never works out the same as a “real” race.

Also this past week I co-hosted my first podcast on Runners Round Table and enjoyed the experience.  I recommend it to anyone who thinks they might like to give that a try.

training_summaryRunning Miles: 28
Quantity: 5 (see runs below)
Time spent running this week: 03:58:08
Calories burned: 3,847
Avg. Time/Mile: 8:36
Avg. Heart Rate: 149
2010 Running Miles: 331.55


4 mi at 9:20 (144 hr)
6 mi at 8:30 (154 hr)
4X800 (Splits- 3:19|162hr, 3:31|165hr, 3:31|166hr, 3:27|169hr) 4 mi overall
Sat: 6 mi at 7:57 (160 hr)
Sun: 8 mi at 8:43 (151 hr)

Cross Training

signature_blockWeight Training qty: 0
Walking: 2 x 1 miles at 14:00 pace
Judo qty: 3

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7 replies on “Week 11, 2010 training totals”


Good week! I keep thinking about your pace “problem” (if you call running too fast a problem!). Perhaps you’ve just finally absorbed all the training from those earlier race efforts and it’s boosted your fitness.

I agree that a time trial is just.not.the.same. Jump in a race and see where you’re at!

Also- congrats on the Podcast. It sounds fun!

Happy Monday…as I look out my window at what they call a “wintry mix”. UGH!!

That is a good week. And I obsess over heart rates also. I love it when they go down, and worry when they go up. I then examine all the factors — diet, sleep, alcohol, heat, health, etc. Usually I have no good answer and chalk it up to vagaries.

But then I go back and compare to a year before. I track my data with SportTracks, and you can make these very neat comparison graphs. Then I see…progress. Real progress.

So congrats on progress.

Hi Adam,
Looks like you are still working hard and getting great results! Wow, you just did a 50 mile ultra in February!?! I would love to hear about that. I am impressed when I hear that someone finishes one of those crazy challenging races! Have a great week Adam!

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