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Week 13, 2010 training totals

Week 13, 2010 training totals

I felt really good this week as my miles continue to climb. Next week will be a recovery week so will go down slightly in mileage, then bounce up to 40 the following week.  The temperatures here in South Florida are starting to rise, and most of my runs were in 72+ degrees.  Before long the humidity will also start to rise as the ocean currents become warmer a little closer to shore.  Hydration becomes more important, but I am still dedicated to no carb intake on runs.  I do notice the lack of carbs on runs have become less of an issue under 10 miles, but at 10 miles it becomes difficult.

On my 14 mile “long run” this week the last 2 miles at an 8:45 pace were comparable to the fatigue I have felt in the later miles of a marathon. Score! (This was the objective.) Click here to read my past blog post about no carbs on long runs. My hopes are that depletion on training runs will kick my system into “optimization mode” and make glycogen usage at races more efficiently.  I think it is working, as I am up to 10 miles using this method before my system starts to struggle. (It used to be at 9 before.)  It is really too early to tell for sure, so once I get closer to 20 miles a few times I will know much more.

training_summaryRunning Miles: 37.05
5 (see runs below)
Time spent running this week: 05:16:42
Calories burned: 5,078
Avg. Time/Mile: 8:26
Avg. Heart Rate: 150
2010 Running Miles: 402.01


4 mi at 8:31 (148 hr)
7 mi at 8:39 (147 hr)
35 min. Tempo (Splits- 10 min at 8:18|142hr, 15 min at 7:16|163hr, 10 min at 8:34|156hr) 5.05 mi overall
Sat: 7 mi at 8:15 (158 hr)
Sun: 14 mi at 8:51 (146 hr)

Cross Training

signature_blockWeight Training qty: 0
Walking: 3 miles at 14:15 pace
Judo qty: 0

10 replies on “Week 13, 2010 training totals”

great quality and quantity with your running Adam! I’m curious to see how your body reacts with longer runs with no carbs. I don’t take in a lot of carbs but i’m not at zero. not sure I can do it so will let you be the guinea pig and await your updates. have a great week!

Hi Adam,
You had a great week of training again! Yes, hydration is really starting to be important….even in Minnesota. As far as the carbs go, I am the same way…after ten miles I can tell it is time to refuel:) Have a good one Adam!

Nice work on the mileage. I’m shocked at how low your heart rate is. You, my friend, are a frickin’ machine. I’m doing a post today on hydration too. Short story: Zyrtec, 81 degree weather, and a 15 mile long run apparently don’t mix well. LOL.

Hey, Adam

I’m enjoying following your no-carb long run “experiment”. Actually, it’s really just no carbs on any run, huh? What you say makes sense, with the 10-mile mark being the point where you notice it.

I look forward to hearing about some really crappyfeeling long runs…- that you will be happy about. SO Crazy Floridian!

Thanks for the sanity check on MY long run! Apparently, I’m in the throws of Taper Madness and don’t even know it:)

Hi Adam! First off, nice mileage for the week and yay for rest weeks!

I’d be curious to know more about this no carbs on the long runs, it sounds interesting. How did you hear about this?

I’m very curious to see how long this project takes to materialize; my old trainer had a runner try this for about 5 months and they could never master the technique to where he could successfully run the last few miles of the marathon strong. I think you can do it, though! Nice mileage for the week (and year)…how is speed work going??

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