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Interview with Coach Al Jackson at Runners Round Table

Don’t miss my second podcast where I was the timekeeper and host at Runners Round Table. We interviewed Coach Al Jackson, and had a great time.


For those that didn’t know (because I forgot to mention it here on my blog) I hosted an episode at the Runners Round Table Tuesday evening.  Please check it out episode #79 at the Runners Round Table.  It was a great episode as Nicole (running bebe blog) and I interviewed Coach Alphonzo Jackson from the Runners High website.

signature_blockAlternatively you can download the episode in MP3 format here.

3 replies on “Interview with Coach Al Jackson at Runners Round Table”

I saw that you were the host for this one. I’ll listen to it this weekend during my long run!!

BTW – I’m going to be on it the last week of May!

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