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Week 21, 2010 training totals

Week 21, 2010 training totals

OK, so I am playing “catch-up” on my blog and getting a few weeks training posted, including this past week to close out May.  I have been so busy with the new job and had little time to keep up with my blog, but still managed to fit in some training.  June should be a new start as I get used to the new schedule at work and try harder to stick to my training schedule.  Please Stay tuned.

This week had some really tough runs to get miles in, as I ended May with 16 runs totaling 163.79 miles.  Not too bad of a month after all since that still averages out at 40 miles per week overall for the month. 🙂  The bad thing is my long runs really kicked my butt this month.  I walked entirely too much for me to feel good about it, but will work to get my pace back in June.  I really need to concentrate once again on my core workouts, and then everything should fall right back into place I think.  I have not had a core workout since March, and it shows clearly in my running.

training_summaryRunning Miles: 34.51
Quantity: 3 (see runs below)
Time spent running this week: 05:51:07
Calories burned: 4,479
Avg. Time/Mile: 9:25
Avg. Heart Rate: 148
2010 Running Miles: 645.99


9.5 mi at 8:31
Sat: 6 mi at 8:49
Sun: 19 mi at 11:24 YUCK!!!  Too much walking (4.5 miles of this was walking, but is not included in the walking below)

Cross Training

signature_blockWeight Training qty: 0
Walking: 1 miles at 15:02 pace
Judo qty: 0

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Hi, Adam!

Your training is so consistent! I agree with the core work…just started back at it myself.

You have been tagged to spill 7 Random Things about yourself…Go!

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