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How to stay younger looking…as a runner

I turned 50 years old this past June. Yep, I’m officially “over-the-hill” yet I often receive comments of looking years younger, typically followed by, “Well, you’re a runner, so…” I know they’re just being nice, but I do know many devoted runners who may not fit these comments. To be frank I’ve seen some pretty old looking runners who are not old at all. I mean, sure we runners tend to be fit from the hours spent running, but we are also outdoors in unfavorable weather quite a bit which doesn’t lead to younger-looking skin.

So now I’m sure you’re wondering, “What’s the difference? Why do some folks look older than others?” The TL;DR answer: moisture and protection.

How do I take care of myself in such a hot and sunny place like Florida…year-round? Read on.


In Florida, also known as the “Sunshine State“, we get around 230 days of sunshine each year. And since I run around 5 days a week (260 days a year), and typically in the afternoon, I get an unusually large amount of sun compared to most. It is VITAL that I protect my skin from damage. Not only to protect my skin from cancer and other nasty things, but also to protect it from drying out, burning, and looking like leather. I religiously wear sunscreen…everywhere! Head, neck, face, arms, legs, EVERYWHERE that gets sun.

Don’t believe me, here is another source:

This is not as easy as it sounds, because I sweat a lot when I run. With the amount of running, I do my body has become very adept at dumping tons of water through my pores. So it is important that the sunscreen I wear be as sweat proof as possible. So, please shop around and find one that works best for your skin type. I used to wear Coppertone Sport, but lately, I’ve found that the Walmart generic Equate brands work just as well for around half the price when I buy the multi-pack. Now I typically use SPF 30, but skin types vary and you may need to use something higher to achieve the same protection.


Lately, I’ve found that sunscreen alone has not been enough. Especially on my forearms and head, because I shave my head bare, where I have noticed brown spots over the past year. So I’ve resorted to a daily moisturizer as well. After some research I started using Nivea Creme for Men. It doesn’t leave my skin feeling greasy, absorbs quickly, and has a nice masculin scent. There is also a creme that might work well for women and children, though I’ve not tried it.


Other Considerations

Clothing also plays a part of overall protection of skin. I have not paid close attention to this, but I’m considering adding a hat to protect my bald head and also refraining from sleeveless shirts. I’ll add more later if I decide to move forward with anything.

Sunglasses are also important to protect my eyes, but also to protect the corners of my eyes where “crows feet” typically form. The UV protection afforded by sunglasses can also help prevent sunburn in this area.

Chafing is painful and is another cause of skin problems. This is typically caused when skin surfaces rub together, or clothing and other things rub continuously in the same spot. So I resort to using Body Glide on those spots where problems occur.


I hope this helps others. Please protect yourself from the sun. It is vital to life, and warmth, but it is not your friend on runs.

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New Adidas Adizero sports sunglasses

After a couple years of running with my normal prescription sunglasses I finally broke down and bought a pair of sports sunglasses with prescription lenses. I have had enough of constantly pushing my glasses back up my nose because they slid down when the sweat begins. You may remember the product review I wrote in April 2010 for a pair of Ryders Eyewear. The nice folks at Outside PR were nice enough to send me a pair to review. Of course I loved the sunglasses, but was a little disappointed that I could not get them with a prescription. (My wife uses those now, and loves them.)

At first I was already set to shop for a new pair of Oakley sunglasses, but was surprised by the HUGE price Oakley charges for their lenses. (All added up I would be paying around $650 for the sunglasses with spare clear lenses for night running.) You see the trouble is that I do a bunch of running, which means I run during the day and sometimes at night. The pair of glasses I wanted would need to have lenses that could be changed out with clear ones for night running. Enter Adidas.

While at the store looking at Oakley I came to the decision that I would simply live with the way I had been doing things.  But the friendly store owner asked if I had considered other brands, and asked me to try on a pair of Adidas.  When I put them on I was immediately shocked.  They actually fit more comfortable than the Oakley with more adjustments possible, and were about $30 cheaper even before the prescription lenses were calculated. The clerk pointed out that with these glasses I could get lenses much less expensive because they could be made right in the store. (Total price for the glasses with 2 pairs of prescription lenses would only be around $300!) SOLD!

Now that I have had them for around 6 months I figured the time has come to talk about them. THEY ARE GREAT!!!

When running it is easy to get them on and off if I feel the need to wipe the sweat from my face, since I live in Florida and all. They never slide around or bounce as I run. The lenses easily pop in and out so I can switch from polarized to clear, and back again. Plus the stems and nose pads adjust to 3 different positions to allow complete customization. (Of course once you get them set right they will probably never change again.)

Overall I highly recommend these shades, even if you do not need prescription lenses. Enjoy.

Adam closing

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Ryders Eyewear Sunglasses Review

A couple of weeks ago Gordon from OutsidePR found his way onto my humble blog and enjoyed reading my ultra marathon experience.  He also found my post on the mind games of long distance running where I use the lack of sunglasses as a reason not to run.  This led him to propose I should try out a pair of Ryders Eyewear, which is one of their accounts, and let him know what I thought of them.  Of course I said “sure” and he asked Devon to send a pair of the “Shot” model my way.

First let me tell you that I am a very picky person when it comes to my running gear.  However, for some reason I have never considered eyewear as running gear.  For years I simply wore my normal prescription lensed sunglasses on all of my runs, and never gave it another thought.  Never mind the fact I had to push my glasses back into place every 100 yards or so.  Pay no mind as my normal running glasses weight cause my nose bridge a little discomfort from the slight bounce on long distance runs.  Add to this the amount of cleaning that is required for nose pads that are not made to handle the sweat of a marathon distance.  Until this past weekend I WAS COMPLETELY HAPPY with my heavy, dirty, sliding, and sports ugly prescription sunglasses.

Thanks to OutsidePR and Ryders Eyewear I now realize my old sunglasses are outdated, and not meant for long distance running.  Thanks a lot Gordon!  Jeez!  I simply never gave sports sunglasses a thought and didn’t know there was a difference.

Ryders Eyewear “Shot” Sunglasses

Saturday I set out for a short 7 mile run wearing the “Shot” model of Ryders Eyewear.