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My long 17 miler recollection

Well, my first 17 mile run is now in the past, and I am still loving the marathon training.  I was originally going to do the 17 miles Saturday morning, however decided that my sons birthday party was more important and knew I would not be able to help make his party a “hit” if I was too tired from running.  I didn’t have a very good lunch because the birthday party was hamburgers and hot dogs, so I waited to have a better dinner prior to running.  Because I wanted to allow myself plenty of time for the food to digest I started my run at 8:00 PM. (Yes, it was already dark.)

As I started out I quickly realized that leaving this late meant I would running under street lights for the run, but thought nothing of it since I am usually an early morning runner and usually start when it is dark.  After a quick stretch routine I was ready.  It only took me 1/2 mile to get into my zone, which surprised me because on morning runs it usually takes me 2 to 3 miles.  I was thinking that this run was going to be a breeze, and quickly settled into my 8:45 per mile pace.  I remember thinking that I may need to start running at night instead of mornings if they were going to be so easy.  I ran my 11 miles the week before at the 8:44 pace, so didn’t think to much of it and I felt much better on this run than I had on that one…so far.

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Received my nutrition package…surprise!

As I train for my first marathon I am also learn many other new things associated with long distance running.  Some of those things are nutritional such as gels and sport drinks.

An ultra running friend, who has been helping me a great deal, recommended Hammer Gels for runs longer than 13 miles.  Since I am starting to get into that range I decided it was time to order some, and thought a sampler of the different flavors was in order.

I went to the Hammer Nutrition website and found that they offered a sampler package of all 9 gel flavors for only $7.95.  Of course shipping brought that up to around $14, but at least I would get to sample during my training runs so I knew which flavor to buy in larger quantity for my longer runs and marathons.

Yesterday I received the box and opened it like a kid at Christmas opening a package. (I can’t help it, I am always that way when I get something.) To my surprise I found that there was much more than just the 9 samples.  They included single servings of sports drinks (4xHEED, Recoverite, and Perpetuem), nutrition bars, Endurolyte caps, 2xWhey protein packs, as well as product detailed info and instructions, reorder fridge magnet, and Endurance Athlete’s guide. (A total of $19.11 in FREE product.)