Adam Culp Endurance Training Marathon Race Running training

Training continues, without a specific marathon in mind.

Because of my prior running experience I actually started at week 4 in the 18 week training schedule.  However, I have still not chosen a marathon to prepare for.  So I started looking around for a marathons that was around the time my 18 week training would complete.  I found the Space Coast marathon and think it was the right one.  It is the oldest in Florida, and in my mind would have been fun since it is space themed.  I now have more purpose, and a goal in mind.  I will wait until later to actually register, but this looks like the right choice to be my first.

Endurance Training Running weekly summary

Week 32, 2009 totals

Running Miles: 24.5
Time spent running this week: 3:52:46
Avg. Time/Mile: 9:30
2009 Running Miles: 169.67

Adam Culp Endurance Training Running training

First long run, a 9 miler yesterday! ! !

I ran my first long run of 9 miles.  I LOVED IT ! ! !  I feel really alive, as if a light came on in my mind and I started to wonder what I was truly capable of.

My Judo buddy knew exactly what to do, and recommended an 18 week novice marathon training program by Hal Higdon.  I also did a bunch of web searches and dug into learning everything I could about long distance running.  Workouts, nutrition, clothing and equipment, supplements, you name it.  My mind is ripe for information and I am a sponge just soaking up everything I can learn.  Now my runs seem carry more meaning and a purpose again.

The route:

Adam Culp Endurance Training Running training

Renewed drive to run more

My training has been sporadic and really only 1 or 2 miles each time I go running.  (I have been averaging 7 to 10 miles per week, and feel pretty good about that.)

Lately my wife started running in an effort to get into great shape for a trip to Germany.  She wants to visit with an old college classmate and wants to look her best.  She has gone completely crazy and is doing 3 miles, then 5 miles, then 7 miles, then 8 miles, and finally is now getting up to 9 mile runs on a treadmill at least 4 times per week.  This climb was in a very short time period, and made me wonder why I wasn’t doing that.  If she could do it, so could I.

I also notice that a judo buddy of mine is posting some serious miles of his own in Facebook as he prepares for an ultra marathon.  I have heard him talk to others in the club about his runs, and I am gaining interest by the day.

I have decided I would like to start adding a little distance to my workouts.  I will do a couple of 5 mile runs at a little slower pace than I normally would on the advice of my judo buddy.

5K Run Adam Culp Endurance Training Marathon Race Running

The Start…

I have a brown belt in judo and want to start preparing to test for my black belt.  I realize that even though I am an active person, I am not in the best of shape.  Muscles are a bit soft, and my endurance…well, I don’t have any.  Sure, I run from 1 to 3 miles a few times per month, but it is truly hard work to really complete the longer distances.  As for weight training, I lift a bottle of beer once in awhile, as well as move my wireless mouse around my desk while coding. (I am a programmer.)  The only exercise I really get is attending judo class twice per week with my son. (No, I was never fat at 184 pounds and 6’1″.  Just not in great shape.)

In November 2008 a new LA Fitness will opening down the street from where I was work.  I had been thinking it would be nice to get into better shape, so after the required haggling to get the lowest monthly cost I joined the gym. (It is not even open yet, but I signed up and waited until they opened their doors to start working out.)

As with most men I tend to show results of weight training pretty quickly. (My wife hates that, and thinks it is so unfair.) I started feeling pretty good within a the first month, and also noticed that my strength in judo was drastically improved.