Endurance Training Running training summary weekly summary

Week 35, 2009 totals

Running Miles: 27.2
Time spent running this week: 04:19:19
Avg. Time/Mile: 9:32
2009 Running Miles: 241.07

Adam Culp Running running equipment running shoes training training gear

Time for new running shoes, clothes, etc.

While I have some downtime I think it is time to gear up.  The cotton T-shirts are not ideal for running in.  Once they get sweaty they stick to me like a second skin, and in hot and sunny Florida that is not good.  Also, I understand that running shorts are much better for long distance than normal basketball/gym shorts for keeping me cool and comfortable. (They have a liner and do not require under garments.)  My shoes are cheap cross trainers, and not really meant to handle lots of miles, and the thick and heavy athletic socks that I normally wear to the gym simply act as sweat creators on my feet.


Week 34, 2009 totals

Running Miles: 21.2
Time spent running this week: 3:14:51
Avg. Time/Mile: 9:11
2009 Running Miles: 213.87

Endurance Training weekly summary

Week 33, 2009 totals

Running Miles: 23
Time spent running this week: 3:38:01
Avg. Time/Mile: 9:28
2009 Running Miles: 192.67

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Training continues, without a specific marathon in mind.

Because of my prior running experience I actually started at week 4 in the 18 week training schedule.  However, I have still not chosen a marathon to prepare for.  So I started looking around for a marathons that was around the time my 18 week training would complete.  I found the Space Coast marathon and think it was the right one.  It is the oldest in Florida, and in my mind would have been fun since it is space themed.  I now have more purpose, and a goal in mind.  I will wait until later to actually register, but this looks like the right choice to be my first.