Adam Culp Book Review Marathon training

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Today I finished reading my latest book titled “26.2 Marathon Stories” by Kathrine Switzer and Roger Robinson.  At a point in my marathon training that I was breaking 30 miles per week my motivation needed a bit of a lift, so I looked for a good book to read during my lunch breaks.  (The place I work at has a really nice sit-down area with fountains and vegetation that is relaxing and excellent for reading during a lunch break.)

When the book was delivered I looked it over, and at first was a little disappointed.  Sure the hard cover was colorful and beautiful, and the binding was well done.  But the print seemed very large, and there were bunches of pictures.  It seemed to be more of a coffee table book than a good reading book.  However, since I had already purchased it I decided to give it a chance any way.  I am glad that I did.