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2009 Palm Beach Marathon recap


The training is completed, nutrition is what it should be, mentally I was ready, I was lucky and got enough sleep.  All of these things led up to the climax of doing my first full marathon, and everything was in place when I woke the morning of December 6th, 2009.  My alarm went off at 4:15 and I was out of bed ready to run, after eating breakfast, cleaning up to look pretty for pictures, and driving 20 minutes to West Palm Beach.

It was a cool morning, for South Florida, at around 65 degrees.  Perfect running weather.  I was a little nervous, but overall felt OK…until I arrived at the parking garage and saw all of the other runners getting ready for the big race.  That is when I actually felt the butterflies in my stomach, and had to force myself to calm down.  It was still dark, yet there were hundreds of people around and you could feel the excitement in the air.  There were long lines at the port-o-potties, and some small lines at the baggage check station.  On the loud speaker they were announcing the beginning of the bike race as I started to do my pre-race stretching.

The race start was uneventfully with two columns of runners lined up with their respective pace groups, waiting for the “GO” signal.  I was lined up between the 4:00 and 4:15 pace groups, still not 100% sure of which one I would run with.  I decided that I would run the first mile or two and then inventory how I felt prior to making the commitment.  Many were talking amongst themselves to relieve some of the tension as we waited.

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With my training going at full steam again I have decided on the Palm Beach Marathon

Now that my training is full steam ahead again I have decided that the Palm Beach Marathon on December 6th will be my first marathon.  My reasoning is because it has become one of the largest in Florida in the short time it has existed, it is close to home so I can feel more comfortable sleeping in my own bed the night before, and because I am familiar with the course since I have driven there many times.

I have not actually registered for it yet, but as long as I do not have any more injuries or other mysteries popping up I will register in October.

Adam Culp Endurance Training Marathon Race Running training

Training continues, without a specific marathon in mind.

Because of my prior running experience I actually started at week 4 in the 18 week training schedule.  However, I have still not chosen a marathon to prepare for.  So I started looking around for a marathons that was around the time my 18 week training would complete.  I found the Space Coast marathon and think it was the right one.  It is the oldest in Florida, and in my mind would have been fun since it is space themed.  I now have more purpose, and a goal in mind.  I will wait until later to actually register, but this looks like the right choice to be my first.

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The Start…

I have a brown belt in judo and want to start preparing to test for my black belt.  I realize that even though I am an active person, I am not in the best of shape.  Muscles are a bit soft, and my endurance…well, I don’t have any.  Sure, I run from 1 to 3 miles a few times per month, but it is truly hard work to really complete the longer distances.  As for weight training, I lift a bottle of beer once in awhile, as well as move my wireless mouse around my desk while coding. (I am a programmer.)  The only exercise I really get is attending judo class twice per week with my son. (No, I was never fat at 184 pounds and 6’1″.  Just not in great shape.)

In November 2008 a new LA Fitness will opening down the street from where I was work.  I had been thinking it would be nice to get into better shape, so after the required haggling to get the lowest monthly cost I joined the gym. (It is not even open yet, but I signed up and waited until they opened their doors to start working out.)

As with most men I tend to show results of weight training pretty quickly. (My wife hates that, and thinks it is so unfair.) I started feeling pretty good within a the first month, and also noticed that my strength in judo was drastically improved.