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Fast Four Things Friday


  1. I have come to the realization that I am a “running geek” thanks to JayDub’s post on Galloping Geeks.  He collected/wrote a fair list of observations about runners, and yes, I am indeed a ‘Running Geek/Nerd”.
  2. I ran an awesome 35 minute Tempo run yesterday. (click the link to see the Garmin results)  I am really lovin’ the speed work.  I was a little surprised at how the Garmin tracked my pace because I didn’t notice all of the up and down during my run, but my HR was very steady.  One note I found interesting is that I did not feel the slight headache afterwards, so it appears my body is getting much better at processing oxygen on these speed runs.  SCORE!!!
  3. This weekend I have a 6 mile marathon pace run on Saturday followed by a 13 mile long run on Sunday.  I love the double runs on the weekends.  The training plan I am following added the Saturday runs, and I am really liking them.  On my past training plans I felt kind of lost on the extra rest day, but I will see how I feel once my mileage gets back up to 40+.
  4. I added the new countdown to the site for the San Francisco marathon.  It seems so far away right now, but I know it will get here fast.  I haven’t officially signed up for it yet, but will probably take care of hotel and registration soon.

Take care everyone, and have a great weekend.

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Speedwork and 10 Random Things


Last week was my first attempts at incorporating speed work into my training schedule, with 800 repeats.  This week continued  more of that as Thurdays are my speed work days, so today I did a “real” tempo run for the first time. (The plan is to do 800 repeats one week, tempo the second, then hills the third, then repeat but with more repetitions/time.)  Although today was only a 30 minute run, because it was a tempo run it was a pretty good workout.

When I first started out I thought it would be pretty easy, and thought I may have to add more distance to really get anything out of it.  The objective was to run 10 minutes at a regular workout run pace (8:45), then over the next 10 minutes slowly increase speed until I reached 7:30/mile and hold it for the remainder of the 10 minutes, and then slow down to the regular run pace again for the last bit to finish out 30 minutes.

The first 10 minutes were no problem, since it was my normal workout pace lately, then I increased speed over the next 2 minutes to reach 7:30.  That meant I had to hold the 7:30 pace for the remaining 8 minutes, prior to slowing down.  I LOVED IT ! ! !  I felt so alive, and really felt great the entire run.  Sure I was glad when I could slow down at the end, but it was an awesome run.  I am really looking forward to the next one.