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Taking it easy is killin’ me!


Well, I am feeling much better but I am still not fully recovered yet…and it is killin’ me.  It is so hard to go from 40 miles per week to zero, then trying to ease back into it.  At times I think it would not be as hard if I were actually injured, but I am fine.  Or perhaps this actually does qualify as an injury?  You tell me, does letting your body heal after a marathon or ultra-marathon actually qualify as recovering from an injury?  I think the big difference is a mental one.  In my mind I am perfectly healthy and therefore should be able to run normally.  However, my knee joints and calves do not agree.  I guess this is what I get for running two marathons and a 50 mile ultra all within 8 weeks. (With the second marathon and ultra being a mere two weeks apart.)

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Oh no, not my first injury!

Fate has changed my thinking of what will be my first marathon.  I suffered an ankle sprain from judo, the second week into my marathon training.  BAH ! ! !

At first I thought it was pretty mild, and continued to run for a few days.  My ankle was slightly swollen, and if I ran on my heel it doesn’t hurt too bad at the beginning.  Once I get past 1 mile it doesn’t hurt at all…until I stopped running, and especially in the mornings.

It has become clear that I needed to take a week off and let my body recover.  On the Internet I found some resources that say R.I.C.E. (Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation) is the best treatment for sprains.  So I purchased a couple of reusable ice packs, and a compression ankle wrap.  After only a couple of uses it feels much better.