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Antioxidants and endurance


Lately I have discovered the magical properties of blueberries and grapes (specifically concord grapes for me).  Sure I heard they were helpful to endurance athletes, but I never suspected they would be so darned powerful against lactic acid and joint inflammation.

As an example:
This past weekend I ran a 9 mile Saturday and followed that with a 17 mile Sunday. On Saturday I was felling pretty sore after the run and was really wondering if I would be OK for Sundays long run. However I ate about a cup of blueberries and literally felt the pain melt away over a few hours. (I also iced my knees, which is a usual ritual in the evenings as I watch a bit of TV.)

Sunday morning came and I was full of energy and completely pain free prior to the run. The 17 miles passed without any issues, and I was a bit stiff afterwards. I cleaned up and fuelled as normal. (Gatorade, protein shake, water, veggie soup) But I followed the meal with a cup of blueberries, and sure enough the pain melted away just as it had the day before.  By the early evening hours it was as if I had not ran a long run at all that day.

I experienced the same results earlier in the week with concord grapes.

Oh, and by the way…the seeds are very healthy and should also be eaten.  Crunch, crunch!Adam closing

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My first podcast coming soon


Wow, am I excited!  I have been invited to co-host an episode of the Runners Round Table Podcast later this month.  So everyone will be able to hear my voice (not sure how exciting that is) as I participate in my first podcast EVER!  I am a bit nervous, and will try not to make a fool out of myself. (Some would say “Too Late”.)

Subject: Exercise and the Brain
: Tuesday March 16th, 2010 at 5:00pm EST
Where: Will be hosted LIVE on TalkShoe

I think it will be an exciting and informational subject around Ginger Campbell, M.D. and her podcast “Brain Science Podcast” who will also be participating.  I recently listened to a few of her podcasts on the subject of exercise or playing and how it effects the brain.  From her podcast blog: “Dr. Campbell is an experienced emergency physician with a long-standing interest in mind-body medicine, the brain, and consciousness”.  I highly recommend listening to her, and if you are interested in the subject I was drawn to you can listen to three of her podcasts that deal specifically with the subject.

There will also be 3 others participating in the podcast: Mark Ulrich, Steve Runner, and Toni Harvey.

Please come out and support the podcast episode!